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Edgar Gerard Foster ( wrote:

> This is my first time writing to B-Greek, but I have enjoyed perusing the
> many letters I receive daily. I am a non-Trinitarian Christian, who is
> presently studying for my liberal arts degree. I hope to use my schooling in
> the historical, educational field. (preferably philosophy or history) At any
> rate; my question is: Can anyone tell me whether any *modern* scholars,
> besides Thayer, propose that PROTOTOKOS--as used in Col. 1:15--could
> connote, or denote _'first-created'_? I know that Col. 1:15 has been
> discussed before here, but looking at the archives didn't help much with my
> question.

Perseus has LSJ online. The meaning it gives for PRWTOTOKOS is "first-born":

If you are reading this in the archives, you may need to copy the whole
URL to go to it; sometimes URLs with funny characters don't convert
completely in hypermail.

For other uses of this word in the GNT, see Luke 2:7, Romans 8:29,
Col 1:18, Hebr 1:6, Hebr 11:28, Hebr 12:23, and Revelations 1:5.

Note that PRWTOTOKOS is closely related to the term PRWTOTOKIA,
which means birth-right.


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