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From: Mike Adams (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 22:26:09 EST

Oh dear!
At first I hadn't planned to post to the entire list, but did so at the
last moment. The main point, apparently was overlooked, while the
language was meticulously analyzed for connotation and innuendo.
(This is not at all surprising in such a forum.)

May I make these comments? Here in Denver, there are many celebrations
and concerts offered by Latino, USA, and advertised on the Spanish-speaking
stations; so in Denver, that phrase is more or less acceptable.

Anyone taking offense to the term "French Canadian" ? Guess not.

Gringo? First, we are talking in context of a Mexican chat channel. That is

term is used there frequently. As a Gringo "Gringa?", I am among those
I would be offending, am I not.

back to Greek, in Mark 7:28, the Syrophenician woman says
(Sorry no caps in my transliteration. I just cut and pasted.)
"kai ta kunaria upokatw ths trapezhs esqiousin apo twn yiciwn twn paidiwn"

In those days the idiomatic expression for Gentiles was "dog". These
days it certainly would not be politically correct. Even then, it was less
complimentary. Yet the woman referred to herself with this term. I've
considered it more acceptable to insult one's self than to insult someone
Perhaps, that's not adivisable??

Sorry to offend.

Have fun with the off thread thread, y'all, if you so please


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