Re: Idioms - off thread

Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 12:08:42 EST


  I regret using your post to point out a problem of idioms, but you said it.
 Also, I regret posting this to the rest of the list, as it really doesn't
deal with Biblical Greek.

  Every language has idioms, and often idioms are a cruder set of words than
one would find in wider usage.
  In particular, "Gringo" is a word of dubious origin that intends to mean
Anglo. Though in true translation, the word is closer in meaning to
"Yankee," or its relative "______ Yankee."

  I, myself, do not view this phrase as vulgar, but I know many that do...and
then you use "Latino"...interesting Gringo is decidedly Tex-Mex and Latino
that is more common in the North East or West Coast...unless S Texas has been
influenced as strongly as N Texas by the influx of "Gringos".?


  As for learning and retaining a language...practice and use of the language
is the only way...If you should intertain the idea of using others to help
you retain the language - make certain they speak the dialect that you wish
to learn.

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