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From: Jack Kilmon (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 12:45:10 EST wrote:
> Ellen,
> I regret using your post to point out a problem of idioms, but you said it.
> Also, I regret posting this to the rest of the list, as it really doesn't
> deal with Biblical Greek.

        Actually, it's a very interesting issue to biblical Greek. I would
be very interested in a discussion of Aramaic/Hebrew idioms that had
translated to Greek in the LXX and NT as literal. These literal
of idioms sometimes underpin entire theological dogmata.

        An example would be an Aramaic idiom <aram>wxwwt) n$qlown translated
as OFEIS APOUSIN. Mk 16:18

        "Taking up serpents" was an idiom similar to our "bucket of worms"
or "bag of snakes" meaning troublesome or even dangerous. This does not
prevent a group of nuts from passing around rattlesnakes in Sunday

        I am glad that there wasn't the idiom "Let's HIT the road" in Jesus'
Aramaic, otherwise we would have the devout in the middle of I-10
on the tarmac and being flattened by 18-wheelers.

        Can anyone think of other Hebrew and Aramaic idioms that have been
problematic in Greek translation...and more interestingly, led to

Jack Kilmon

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