Off-topc: Where's the verb??

From: kdlitwak (
Date: Sun Feb 23 1997 - 00:41:48 EST

I would appreciate some help on a little non-NT Greek please.
Lucian, How to Write History, #34, has the following as the first half
of sentence. Since it ends with a semi-colon it should be able to stand
by itself, but if so, where's the verb?
THis says something like "Therefore these unskillful things having no
lack of anything of me as a counsellor." There's a verb missing
somewhere and I left nothing out. Of course, ATECNA may do something
else, like "These things are unskillful". Of course, ATECNA is a
problem in any case because referring to TAUTA as unskillful doesn't
make any sense in the context in which Lucian has been discussing
necessar skills for the best historians.

   Speaking of those skills and writing style, I am wondering about
something. If "Luke" is trying to imitate the epitome of Greek
historiography, THucydides, why is Luke's Greek SO MUCH easier than
THucydides or Lucian's? Lackof education? Not appropriate in the 1st
cent. CE? What? Thanks.

Ken Litwak
GTU ( for now)
Berserkely, CA

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