Re: Off-topc: Where's the verb??

From: Ronald Wong (
Date: Sun Feb 23 1997 - 01:04:31 EST

> Speaking of those skills and writing style, I am wondering about
> something. If "Luke" is trying to imitate the epitome of Greek
> historiography, THucydides, why is Luke's Greek SO MUCH easier than
> THucydides or Lucian's? Lackof education? Not appropriate in the 1st
> cent. CE? What? Thanks.

I dont' know about Lucian the quote elliptical? this is a
guess? or is the verb elited? Don't know without the passage before
the part I did want to ask: Does ease of reading make one less skilled
or less-educated?
Since...I don't have any attic or classical background...I find Luke's
greek quite proficient. but I'm a novice.

Ronald Wong
O'Brien, FL.

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