Rom 12:2

From: John M. Moe (
Date: Sat Mar 01 1997 - 15:46:26 EST

At Rom. 12:2 MATAMORFOUSQE THi ANAKAINWSEI TOU NOOS seems to be commonly
regarded as an instrumental dative (e.g. "be transformed BY the renewing
of your mind. NASV95). Moo, in his NICNT commentary (P. 756) seems to
see it almost in the sense of agent. "'The renewing of your mind' is the
means by shich this transformation takes place." To express that idea
wouldn't hUPO with the gentive be more common?
        Couldn't this be something more like a dative of respect (i. e. "be
transformed with reguard to the renewing of your mind.")?
        Any thoughts?


John M. Moe

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