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Date: Sat Mar 01 1997 - 23:09:02 EST

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> At Rom. 12:2 MATAMORFOUSQE THi ANAKAINWSEI TOU NOOS seems to be commonly
> regarded as an instrumental dative (e.g. "be transformed BY the renewing
> of your mind. NASV95). Moo, in his NICNT commentary (P. 756) seems to
> see it almost in the sense of agent. "'The renewing of your mind' is the
> means by shich this transformation takes place." To express that idea
> wouldn't hUPO with the gentive be more common?
> Couldn't this be something more like a dative of respect (i. e. "be
> transformed with reguard to the renewing of your mind.")?
> Any thoughts?

Dative of means is consistent with the verse on which I seem to be
fixated right now:

Romans 1:20 apo ktisews kosmou tois poihmasin nooumena kaqoratai

TOIS POIHMASIN: "by means of the things created"

So I certainly don't see anything wrong with another dative of means
in the book of Romans.


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