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From: Rod Decker (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 07:14:12 EST

Browsing through BAGD's entry, I think I'd class EN in Mk. 1:23 in BAGD's
I.3.c., "to introduce the persons who accompany someone, or the things he
brings with him, with which he is equipped or burdened: ~with~." I don't
see any reason to take it as adverbial (though I realize that prep. phrases
usually are); more likely, IMHO, it is adjectival, describing ANQRWPOS. It
would then be practically equivalent to a relative clause with ECW ("a man
who had an unclean spirit").


Steve Baugh said,

>Rod's rendering a man "with" an unclean spirit certainly seems plausible
>in English, yet "with" in English may mean "accompaniment." I'm not
>familiar with any uses of EN (in place of META or SYN) with that
>meaning. Perhaps Rod meant "with" as instrumental, in which case Wes and
>Conrad's remarks now come into view as well as my confusion! How can EN
>have an instrumental sense with the lead verb EIMI (HN in Mark 1:23)?
>The prepositional phrase could not be adverbial and instrumental with
>EIMI can it? (EIMI here states the presence of the man in a
>synogogue--how can an instument.)

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