Re: More power to the readers

From: A K M Adam (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 09:42:50 EST

Dear Greg, Rolf, et al.,

I do quite agree that within the particular context of an introductory Greek
class (for instance) one can readily make the distinctions whose validity I
question at a broader level. It sounded to me as though Rolf was suggesting
that these distinctions were simply and unproblematically valid, whereas I
would suggest that precisely where we most want to apply them--against our
more biased opponents in an arugment, for example--they are quite useless.
They only work when they're not called into question, which is when we don't
need them!

Grace and peace,
A K M Adam
Princeton Theological Seminary

"Fiction brings truth to history."--Walter Moseley

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