Re: Language of the Messiah?

Date: Thu Mar 06 1997 - 11:02:20 EST

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the depth you went to in your answer. I
agree with you that some of these questions are not open to universal
answers.... yet. I say yet in the belief and hope that we will all progress
in knowledge as new discoveries are made.
I have just finished volume one of a self-published series called "Teach
Yourself Hebrew and Greek Bible." It's premise is to learn the languages of
the Scriptures by READING the Bible. So far I have excellent response to it
from those wanting to begin a "course of study." The first volume is on the
book of Revelation. Next will begin volume two which includes Matthew, Mark,
etc. Frankly, I am really curious as to the reaction to this kind of learning
of Koine and Hebrew.
Anyway, a final thought. I am not sure I totally agree with your explanation
of the correct translation of IHSOUS as being Jesus. However, I say this not
to argue, but to express I believe there is possibly a better and more
consistent way to handle names passing from one language into another.
All the best to you, and I enjoy your responses in the digest.
Bob Petry

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