What Language ?

From: Sam Johnson (buddy@connecti.com)
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 17:27:16 EST

Forgive me for sounding simple but this is where I really struggle with
b-greek. If Jesus possessed all the gifts then He could speak any
 If Jesus is the wisest man that ever lived He knew it would be to His
benefit to learn Greek or any other language.
 If Jesus is the smartest man that ever lived then He would have learned
whatever language was required and He would have spoken it CORRECTLY.
 If Jesus is the creator of the World then he invented all languages. I
do not think He would have any trouble speaking any language or dialect.
 If Jesus is God then ..........................
 Sometimes we sound like the scribes and Pharisees and all we do is
quote he said-she said. Lets agree to disagree and to remember that
someday "every knee will bow".

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