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From: Glenn L. Weaver (
Date: Fri Mar 07 1997 - 08:14:52 EST

Concerning writing Greek, you could check Bill Mounce's website for
Greek fonts. They include the accents, etc.

        Others more knowledgable than I may offer other suggestions, but I
recommend doing as much reading in the text as possible.
Diagramming can be fine for recognizing the grammatical connections
between words, but may slow you down too much, unless you have lots
of time to commit to your Greek studies. Learn all the vocab you
can. Both Metzgar's vocab list and Warren Trenchard's "The
Student's Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament" are
helpful for this. Bill Mounce offers a Greek flashcard program.
There is also a program called QMemGreek which is based on Metzgar's
vocab list. It is free. (I can't remember where I found
it--perhaps the Simtel site? Search for qmemgrk. Contact me if you
can't find it.)

        Growth in the NT Greek seems to come as you spend time in the text.
Take your NT to church services, and follow along in that. Use it
as much as you can. And try not to use the crutches (interlinear,
analytical lexicon, Bible program parsing, etc.). I'm not familiar
with your second year textbooks, but I happen to like Richard
Young's syntax book. It is very well done, up-to-date & usable.

        Don't be afraid to ask questions here. Follow the list for a
while. You'll find the people here are friendly, helpful, and a
wealth of knowledge.

Glenn L. Weaver (

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