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> Hello everyone!
> I am finishing my second year of N.T. Greek and wish to continue my
> learning. I used Summers text for the first year and Vaughan/Gideon this
> year. I have Machen, Dana & Mantey, and Nunn as well as some other
> grammars. I am interested in what steps I should take next to continue
> learning at home. It appears to me that I would like to learn the Modern
> Greek pronunciation in order to be able to use my sense of hearing to fix
> the syntax and euphony of the language in my mind. So I was going to
> a year going through Machen's Grammar using Modern Greek pronuciation and
> doing all the English to Greek exercises. At the same time, I thought I
> would begin to translate one verse a day from the Gospel of John and
> it. Am I on the right track? Is this the right forum to discuss textual
> issues? Will I be wasting your time with things you all already know?

Regarding questions to this group, I would suggest you proceed in this

Define the question.
Consult all your resources to answer it as best as you can by yourself.
Check the b-Greek archives. Jonathan Robie maintains the archive and
   can give you the address. Many of the questions new people ask have
   been beaten to death many times over already.
Rephase the question, making it as concise as possible.
Use the transliteration scheme (which you would most assuredly
  find in the archives)

New questions are quite welcome. This is such a mixed group that
surely someone would be delighted to respond, and the information
gained here is usually very enlightening.

> I would also be interested in obtaining the capability to type the Greek
> lanquage with all the diacritical marks. Do any of you know how I could
> this? Thanks for your help. Theophelous(Theo) Michael Pope...No the
> is not Greek!

Mounce's Greek font can be found at:

GNT (without accents) at:
(together with a Strong's for good measure.)

There's an online Liddell-Scott:

I like to copy chapters from the Web, and then throw in accents
using's Mounce's fonts. I'm trying to put the Gospel of Luke into
a looseleaf volume, with lots of space between lines.
You may try the same with John. You could put interesting
notes and diagrams on the back of the opposite page, or
even insert whole pages of notes where appropriate.


Ellen Adams

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