Re: Language of the Messias?

Date: Sun Mar 09 1997 - 21:15:35 EST

Carl Conrad,
Just read your note and thank you for responding.
I agree with much of what you say, and would make this one last statement to
you directly.
At one time no one it seems would translate IHSOUS into English translations
other than Jesus. However, since it has been changed in a few translations,
Restoration of the Sacred Name Bible, The Jewish NT, the Jerusalem Bible (for
Yahweh), I believe the use of the Hebrew/Aramaic Names of the Father and Son
will come into more use than today. In fact, I see this growing with almost
every week that passes. And, I believe the reason is we all are beginning to
see that names are important, and we should handle them with due respect.
Anyway, as with you, I see no reason to change just for change sake alone.
But, change does occur as more facts, information or understanding grows.
I asked Isidoros this question. Perhaps you might have the time for a quick
 I have just finished a self-published first volume of a seven volume series
entitled "Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew and Greek Bible." So far, I have
received excellent response to this idea and wonder why it hasn't been done
before. Just read the Bible and learn the languages. Anyway, for this project
the question I have is this. Do you have a suggested word or phrase that most
correctly translates aion or aionios in every instance. Some use eternal,
everlasting, forever, eon, age, etc. as you know. I am hoping to find the
best way of expressing these words in English, for as you know they do not
always mean forever.
Thanks in advance.
And, like you, I feel enough has been discussed on the Name question for the
My warmest greetings and respect,
Bob Petry

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