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<< Interesting project indeed and potentially very useful. Here again,
 however, I'd be just a little bit cautious: while I hope that I'm not
 sounding too pedantic or "erudite," I think there's a lot of truth in the
 old proverbial saying, "a little learning is a dangerous thing." By that I
 mean that I think language learning must rely upon solid linguistic
 principles and cannot be purely inductive; there are some inquiries that
 come to B-Greek from people who haven't learned Greek but have learned the
 Greek words for a couple of NT concepts and then proceed to build castles
 in the air. Admittedly, I'm arguing extreme cases, but I think that an
 inductive approach to learning Greek and/or Hebrew while reading the
 Biblical text needs to be accompanied by traditional pedagogy and that
 neither can take the place of the other completely. >>

I agree with you in this manner. Just as a child learns the formal grammar
after learning the language so it should be attempted here. At least by
learning with the method I am employing the "grammar and vocabulary" learned
is at least in the correct "Scripture order and usage." After a certain
level, I firmly believe those who use this series of teach yourself volumes
will then step into the "traditional pedagogy" and proceed apace. Again, you
are right, just as with children in learning their native language, both the
reading and the pedagogy must be included at some point.

<Well, that's enough for now. I think we agree on a good deal, and we
probably disagree on several important matters also. I wish you well in
your enterprise.>

Actually, I am pleasantly surprised that there is much more agreement than I
expected. One simple disagreement might be this, and that's about it.

I believe we should give the layman more credit than we do sometimes.
(However, I've seen times when I wish I hadn't said that.) But, I look back
to when the Bible was first presented to those outside the "church". The
argument was that only the priest, etc. should read and have this kind of
access because the people would misuse the information. So, many did, but
look at the many who didn't.

Soon, I may be posting on the B-Greek a question about the indefinite article
and definite article.

Now, let me get out of your way, and let you get back to the important things
in life.
All the best to you and yours,
Bob Petry, C.L.

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