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Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 14:34:46 EST

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<< Although I've read through Hebrews several times, I've never made a study
 of its style. I've noticed, one thing which strikes me as very peculiar--it
 may reflect some kind of contemporary high Hellenistic style that I'm not
 familiar with, but it is alien to anything that I consciously recall ever
 having read--in that it does the very thing that English-speaking students
 today who are beginning to learn Greek composition are warned against:
 using nouns to carry the weight of what Greek normally expresses through
 verbs. >>


May I have your permission to quote you? I'm writing a sort of post-grad
thesis, (which may turn into a dissertation) on the structure and logic of
Hebrews. Your observations will help me to make a point.

You know that Origin thought the Greek in Hebrews was fantastic, high-level
stuff. Paul was "rude" in comparison in his view.

Your observations coincide with my suspicions.

Cindy Westfall

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