Fwd: Heb. 2:3 LABOUSA / punctuation

From: CWestf5155@aol.com
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 14:45:03 EST

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Subj: Re: Heb. 2:3 LABOUSA / punctuation
Date: 97-03-11 14:44:19 EST
From: CWestf5155
To: Jamdad1


After reading Carl's post and then checking my preferred Greek text, I
realized that there was no question mark (;) after SWTHRIAS. At first I
thought that it was time to break down and purchase bifocals, but then I saw
that there was a question mark in another Greek text that I must have glanced

I think that my general comments hold true and coincide with Carl's, so
please do not be frustrated by my reference to the sentence beginning with


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