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I am answering on list, since some others might want the bibliography.
> I am currently seeking a copy of Justin Martyr's "First Apology",
>"Second Apology," and "Dialogue with Trypho." Last time I checked, this
>book was published in English by The Catholic University of America
>Press, but it is now out of print. Thus, I am curious if anyone knows
>how I can purchase a copy of Justin's works in either English or Greek
>or Both.
>Is there anyone reading this message who is willing to sell me a copy of
>this valuable work?

Justin is easily available in both Greek and English--with the right
bookseller. I am teaching a seminar on Justin next quarter (begins Marh 31)
and am using, amon others, the following:

The following Greek texts:

Goodspeed. Edgar John. _Die Šltetsten Apologeten._ Gšttingen: Vandenhoeck
und Ruprecht, 1914. (Critical Greek text. Reprinted about six years ago;
copsts about $125.00. Includes most of the second century apologists. )

Munier, Charles. _Saint Justin Apologie pour les Chret/iens. ƒdition et
traduction. Freibourg Suisse: ƒditions Universitaires, 1995. (Critical
Greek text, facing translation, massive French introductin, with
outstanding bibliographies of the two apologies. My required text next

Gildersleeve, Basil. The Aapologies of Justin Martyr. New York: Aamerican
Book Company, 1877. (Text, with intro and notes by this great classicist. I
can get this duplicated for you. Costs about $35.00)

Goodspeed alone gives an easily available Greek text of the Dialogue with
Trypho. Maran's 18th century edition is reprinted in Migne's Patrologia
Graeca with facing Latin translation


Hardy, E. R. Library of Christian Classics, vol. 1. ed. C. C. Richardson.
Philadelphia: Westminster, 195?)

Barnard, Leslie William. St. Justin Martyr _The First and Second
Apologies._ Tr. with introduction and notes. Ancient Christian Writers 56.
New York, Mahwah: Paulist Press, 1997. (Just out. Translator published a
standard work on Justin some years ago. I recommend this highly.)

There is also a Victorian translation of all his works in the Antenicene
Fathers series (v. 1 of the ten).

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