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At 04:53 PM 3/14/97 -0500, Edgar M. Krentz wrote:
>I am answering on list, since some others might want the bibliography.

>Justin is easily available in both Greek and English--with the right
>bookseller. I am teaching a seminar on Justin next quarter (begins Marh 31)
>and am using, amon others, the following:
>The following Greek texts:
>Munier, Charles. _Saint Justin Apologie pour les Chret/iens. ƒdition et
>traduction. Freibourg Suisse: ƒditions Universitaires, 1995. (Critical
>Greek text, facing translation, massive French introductin, with
>outstanding bibliographies of the two apologies. My required text next

TTD: This sounds great!! And how much is it? But the one below sounds even
better!. . .

>Gildersleeve, Basil. The Aapologies of Justin Martyr. New York: Aamerican
>Book Company, 1877. (Text, with intro and notes by this great classicist. I
>can get this duplicated for you. Costs about $35.00)

TTD: This sounds like the best option for me. $35 dollars sounds good.
Edgar, does this edition also come with the 1st. and 2nd apologies, and
Dialogue with Trypho? The information that you gave, with the exception of
Goodspeed's volume, seems to indicate that Justins' writings 1st. 2nd.
Apology and Dialogue with Trypho don't come together in both Greek and
English. Am I incorrect about this? Are you at home now? How can I reach
you this weekend by Telephone if necessary?

What fathers, besides justin, are in the 2nd century? Is Marcion included
in the volume by Goodspeed?

>Goodspeed alone gives an easily available Greek text of the Dialogue with
Goodspeed. Edgar John. _Die Šltetsten Apologeten._ Gšttingen: Vandenhoeck
und Ruprecht, 1914. (Critical Greek text. Reprinted about six years ago;
copsts about $125.00. Includes most of the second century apologists. )


BTW, I will keep this bibliography on record and continue to look it over
this weekend.

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