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Date: Wed Mar 19 1997 - 10:19:32 EST

At 8:52 AM -0600 3/19/97, wrote:
>I went to the Perseus for the first time yesterday hoping to search their TLG
>for a certain phrase but I only found instructions for searching author by
>author. Is there a way to search the entire TLG at one shot at Perseus.

Perseus and TLG (the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae) are not synonymous. The
Perseus site is fundamentally concerned with classical Greek culture; it
does have a Greek text database of classical Greek authors that is
licensed, I believe, from TLG, but that corpus that can be searched at the
Perseus site is a very small fragment of the entire TLG corpus of texts and
it (the Perseus corpus) certainly does not include Biblical or Patristic
materials, or even much of the philosophic literature beyond Plato and

I don't know that it's possible to search the entire TLG corpus on-line
anywhere. You'd do best to check the TLG website itself:

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