B-Greek and Content

From: Wes.Williams@twcable.com
Date: Wed Mar 19 1997 - 11:46:19 EST

     Dear David,
     I am a self-taught student and have been on b-greek for several years
     now. By far the majority of discussion is substantive content.
     Infrequently, some become emotional defending what they feel is
     scriptural doctrine. The scholars on the list generally avoid
     doctrinal discussion. At times students take up arms but one scholar
     and a student (Carl Conrad and Jonathan Robie) take the lead in
     checking them, which is appreciated. There is a wide variety of
     religious denominations on b-greek. Also, remember that the debate
     regarding the Hebrew of the Hebrew Scriptures is not as volatile as
     the Greek of the Greek Scriptures nor as theologically sensitive to
     "Christology." This is going to give rise to more constructive debate.
     I appreciate the constructive yet respectful conflict that takes place
     on b-greek, even getting deep with the issues because I am forced to
     become acquainted with both sides of a given issue. I never appreciate
     intolerance, regardless of the source.
     Rest assured, your perception of "banter" is a timing issue.
     Something you may find helpful is to subscribe to the digest. There
     you get all mail for the day (roughly speaking) in a single email.
     To get a feel for the content of b-greek, you may wish to browse the
     archives at:
     P.S. I am copying this message to two well-respected and active
     members of the list, Carl and Jonathan, who voluntarily take the lead
     in monitoring.

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