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From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Thu Mar 20 1997 - 23:20:12 EST

At 10:53 AM -0500 3/20/97, Lindsay J. Whaley wrote:

>Jonathan has made an excellent point. Prepositions (and case inflections for
>that matter), which are used and understood so effortlessly by native
>trouble non-native speakers and confound grammarians.
> There has been a great deal of work on the semantics of prepositions
>(and postpositions, relational nouns, adverbial particles, and case
>inflections) over the last decade or so which has provided some important
>insights to how such things are used in language. I'm not sure this will prove
>to be helpful or interesting, but I thought I would throw out some general
>simplified) observations that people have made.


Would you mind providing us with a little bibliography, Lindsay? All of
what you said so well covered ground that I know I have read somewhere, but
I can't remember where. Besides, I would have read it some time ago, and
you mention some recent work on prepositions, etc. What would you recommend?

I do hope to respond to the question on DIA at some point myself, but right
now I'm a little swamped. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow...

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