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From: Lindsay J. Whaley (
Date: Fri Mar 21 1997 - 09:17:08 EST

--- Micheal Palmer wrote:
Would you mind providing us with a little bibliography, Lindsay? All of
what you said so well covered ground that I know I have read somewhere, but
I can't remember where. Besides, I would have read it some time ago, and
you mention some recent work on prepositions, etc. What would you recommend?
--- end of quoted material ---

Here are some references which I have found useful. These all include fairly
general examinations of prepostional semantics, especially in the spatial
realm. Many of them discuss the metaphorical mapping onto other cognitive
        As I mentioned, the literature is immense, so if anyone else catches
"must read" work that I have missed, please let us know:

Herskovits, A. 1986. Language and spatial cognition. Cambridge University

Heine, B., U. Claudi, and F. Hunnemeyer. 1991. Grammaticalization: A conceptual
framework. University of Chicago.

Jackendoff, R. 1983. Semantics and cognition. MIT Press.

Lakoff, G. 1987. Women, fire and dangerous things: What categories reveal about
the mind. Univ. of Chciago Press. [See particularly the case study on the
preposition "over" in English.

Svorou, Soteria. 1994. The grammar of space. John Benjamins.

Talmy, L. 1983. How language structures space. In Spatial orientation, ed. by
H. L. Pick and L. P. Acredolo. NY: Plenum Press.

Vandeloise, C. 1986. Spatial prepositions. University of Chicago.

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