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Date: Mon Mar 24 1997 - 19:45:19 EST

Dear friends at B-Greek,

        I found some information below that I think will be interesting to
many in B-greek. There is a link
( to a page where there is
a dozen of other link to list that make use of Koine Greek and other related
subjects. The main page is listed immediately underneath. If there are any
questions, please write me back privately and I will be glad to assist any.

>Maria Pantelia's resource list is now at the URL:
>-Linda Wright
> University of Washington
>On Sun, 23 Mar 1997, Geordi Steele wrote:
>> There is, as I recall a New Testiment Greek mailing list focusing I belive
>> on the Acts. Maria Peneli's resource list has the info.
>> BTW I can't find her url, if someone has it and will forward it tome, I
>> will be grateful.
>> God bless,
>> Geordi Byron

Peace and Love,
Timothy T. Dickens
Smyrna, GA Home School

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isolationism often seen in traditional classics--or more precisely in
studies of Greek civilization--with its emphasis on the events of a
relatively short period, primarily in a particular exemplar of a single
group of cultures. Studies that appear to see fifth-century B.C.E Athens as
the defining experience of all civilization puzzle those whose interest lie
in other areas of the Mediterranean antiquity, and still more those
concerned with other regions of the world.

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