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Date: Mon Mar 24 1997 - 02:24:15 EST

Randy Leedy wrote;
>We haven't heard from Carlton Winbery for a long time (according to
>my records, since 2/25). Anyone have any information? I don't recall
>his mentioning any plans to be away, so I'm fearing that he may have
>taken ill or worse.

I am still here. I am on sabbatical but had to ditch my plans to be in
Oxford because of problems here. I am working in the library in N.O. 4
days a week. I am collating Byzantine mss for the IGNTP and doing some
research on the History of the NT. I have found some very interesting
material on Swanson's grouping of MSS and on the listing of certain
variations in light of the way some Byzantine scribes shaped some
combinations of letters.

I am reading the archives for b-greek about three times a week. I
responded just last Friday to a post. I am enjoying some of the strings but
have read about enough of a couple of others. That's the beauty of this
list and especially the archives. I am still on tc-list but the traffic is
slower there. I will keep up with everything published on b-greek. Where
else can you deal with such questions. Carl and some others are so quick
on the trigger and usually are good at giving such comprehensive answers
that it seems redundant for me to comment on questions they have already
commented on.

I hope to be back on the list and not just the archives in June.

Grace & Peace,



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