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From: Phillip Snider (
Date: Tue Mar 25 1997 - 20:27:54 EST

        Would it be out of place to remind people, (at least as far I
understand) that this sort of bickering tore apart the ANE list less than
six months ago?
                                                Phil Snider
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                                                but is sick of the political


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On Tue, 25 Mar 1997, David Meadows wrote:

> It's quite simple MC ... you have to be using Eudora Pro, however (i.e. if
> you're getting a free ride with Eudora Lite, you're out of luck). If you
> have Eudora Pro, select Tools>Filters and put as the
> To: and then check the box to send it straight to trash. It doesn't matter,
> though, I'm seriously considering dropping this list, if not the entire
> profession. I find it severely disturbing that folks who are potential
> colleagues can be so myopic as to think I'm the instigator of all this. I'm
> growing weary of trying to point out that civil discourse is possible, but
> there are a handful on this list who prefer to push buttons and giggle like
> little schoolboys hearing the latest joke at recess (What are the last thing
> Tickle Me Elmo gets before leaving the factory?) But I'm equally disturbed
> that my dropping the list (and/or the profession) will be interpreted as a
> 'victory' by the MC's, DPT's, JO'H's, and JH's of the world. This isn't an
> easy decision and I genuinely have to think about it. As far as I'm
> concerned, it is all too clear why classics departments in general are in
> trouble, and it ain't because of folks like me. You folks have made your
> beds ... do the appropriate thang.
> dm
> At 11:56 3/25/97 -0800, Michael Chase wrote:
> > Recently, someone posted advice on how to construct filters for
> >Eudora which will eliminate all messages coming from certain senders or
> >bearing certain subject headings. Would the person responsible - or anyone
> >else, for that matter - *please* repost that info? I am in desperate need,
> >for the beloved Classics List, usually a haven of scholarly helpfulness, is
> >beng transformed into an intolerable nightmare of shrill and irrelevant
> >rantings on topics utterly unrelated to Classics. If only I could set
> >Eudora to automatically delete anything concerning Limbaugh, left vs.
> >right, Canadian or American politics...come to think of it, maybe I could
> >just delete all messages from Ontario-based Limbaugh wannabes....
> >
> >Cheers,
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> >University of Victoria
> >Victoria, B.C.,
> >Canada.
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