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From: Alison Barker (
Date: Tue Mar 25 1997 - 19:16:44 EST

  So in light
>>of this thread, I'll make that request again. Any suggestions
>>in addition to those below?
>>Beiber, M: A History of the Greek and Roman Theatre
>>Burn, AR: Persia and the Greeks
>>de Romilly, J: A Short History of Greek Literature
>>Dodds, ER: The Greeks and the Irrational
>>Finley, MI: The World of Odysseus
>>Fornara, C: The Nature of History in Ancient Greece and Rome
>>Green, P: Alexander to Actium
>>Jones, H-L: The Justice of Zeus
>>Lord, A: The Singer of Tales
>>Pomeroy, S: Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves
>>Scullard, HH: From the Gracchi to Nero
>>Snell, B: The Discovery of the Mind
>>Snowden, F: Blacks in Antiquity
>>Snowden, F: Before Color Prejudice
>>Syme, R: The Roman Revolution
>>White, DS: The Teaching of Latin
>>Williams, G: Tradition and Originality in Roman Poetry
>>Wiseman, TP: Catullus and His World
Hanson, Victor: The Western Way of War
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