Re: Style - how much can we know?

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Tue Mar 25 1997 - 10:59:55 EST


I'll respond briefly now, since I'm supposed to be working ;->, and say more

I found your message really useful. In the examples you cited, I found that
I could see the transitions quite clearly without any real effort, and that
the intent of these transitions was also evident - in fact, I had read
several of these passages fairly recently, and the changes in style had been
evident to me then. So maybe I should be less skeptical about the ability of
little Greeks to register the style of passages. And I looked at a few of my
favorite translations, and they did indeed reflect these transitions in
style. It would be cool to have a book which shows examples like the ones
you cited as a means of teaching sensitivity for style and transitions in
style (I'm an inductive learner, so I often learn best by contrasting examples).

The recent disagreements about the style of Ephesians really made an
impression on me, which is one big reason that I have been getting skeptical
about our ability to accurately register the style of a passage.

More later...


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