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Date: Wed Mar 26 1997 - 11:10:37 EST

Hi All,

I read the discussion on Greek style with interest and was hoping for
further bibliography from someone. My own exposure to this area of Greek
has been very hit-and-miss (e.g., Bigg's old ICC commentary on 1-2 Peter
has some very illuminating comments on style; e.g., 1 Pet. 1:19 has hWS
AMNOU AMWMOU KAI ASPILOU CRISTOU 'in accordance with the rhetoricians of
the day' rather than more common CHRISTOU hWS AMNOU.)

But there are so many things which determine style (word and phrase
choice [particularly with synonymous expressions], word order,
asyndeton, etc.) that a handbook of Greek style would be a massive work

One thing I regret now (though not my grad. work in ancient history
also, Sara!) is not ever taking a class in Greek composition. So lately
I've done some composition and this drill especially makes one much more
aware of the choices which form Greek style. I'm using North & Hillard's
*Greek Prose Composition* (with answer key) by Duckworth Press.


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