Responses to PISTOU CHRISTOU info request

From: Al Collins (
Date: Thu Mar 27 1997 - 03:16:55 EST

To all who responded to my query,

I appreciate you quick response to my request. I only recently subscribed to
this list (two days ago) at the prompting of one of my Greek professors. I am
very impressed at the willingness of others on this list to help. I will try
to be of help to anyone else as well, although as a student, I don't know that
my insights will be as helpful as many of the others that are on this list. I
also appreciate the prompting to use ALL CAPS for Greek transliterations and
will follow such a format in the future. Thanks again for you help! If you
have any further input, it would still be appreciated.

Tim Baker
ThM Student, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

BTW Al Collins (the name registered to this MSN subscription) is actually my
manager at work. He allows me to use the computer at our warehouse for E-mail
and internet access. I put this here in case you were wondering or confused.

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