Re: PISTOU CHRISTOU formulation in Paul's epistles

From: Walt McFall (
Date: Thu Mar 27 1997 - 06:55:31 EST

>On Wed, 26 Mar 97 11:06:22 UT you wrote:
> I am working on a paper on the pistou christou formulation found in Paul's
> epistles (Romans 3:22 for example). I have found a number of articles and
> other sources who take christou to be a subjective genitive. I have found very
> few sources (aside from older commentaries) that argue for christou to be an
> objective genitive. In order to be honest and thorough with this subject, I
> would like to find some more sources supporting the objective genitive. If you
> know of any, please send me the bibliographical information or any other
> information that could be of help. THANKS!
> Tim Baker
> Student, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

G'day Tim,

Here's a few that should be helpful.

1. Roy A. Harrisville III, "PISTIS CHRISTOU: Witness of the
Fathers" (Novum Testamentum, Vol XXXVI, 3, July 1994).

2. Arland J. Hultgren, "The Pistis Christou Formulation in Paul"
(Novum Testamentum, Vol XXII, 3, July 1980).

3. A.V. Longworth, "Faith in Galatians" (Studia Evangelica, Vol 2,
Berlin, 1964).

I've got a bibliography on this somewhere, but I don't have time to
locate it right now. I'll try to look for it when I have some free
time and post it to you.

Also... You should check out the b-greek archives at

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