Re: PISTOU CHRISTOU formulation in Paul's epistles

From: Mike Luper (
Date: Thu Mar 27 1997 - 08:48:35 EST

Tim Baker wrote:
> I am working on a paper on the pistou christou formulation found in
> Paul's
> epistles (Romans 3:22 for example). I have found a number of articles
> and
> other sources who take christou to be a subjective genitive. I have
> found very
> few sources (aside from older commentaries) that argue for christou to
> be an
> objective genitive. In order to be honest and thorough with this
> subject, I
> would like to find some more sources supporting the objective genitive.
> If you
> know of any, please send me the bibliographical information or any other
> information that could be of help. THANKS!


Three recent commentaries have come out in support of reading Paul's
PISTOU CHRISTOU formulation as an objective genitive.

1) Douglas J. Moo, _The Epistle to the Romans_, NICNT (Eerdmans, 1996;
n.b. pp. 224ff.).

2) Gordon Fee, _Paul's Letter to the Philippians_, NICNT (Eerdmans,
1995; n.b. p. 325, n. 44).

3) Moises Silva, _Philippians_, BECNT (Baker, 1992; n.b. pp. 186ff.).

Hope this helps,

Mike Luper


Michael Luper M.B. Biblical Seminary Adj. Faculty, New Testament

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