re:style & NLT

From: Glenn L. Weaver (
Date: Wed Mar 26 1997 - 09:37:22 EST

        Thank you to all those who are responding to my post about the NLT.
I am learning from the discussions. While I don't want to discourage
continuation along its current thought, I believe my original
question has been misunderstood.

        I am curious as to the NLT's accuracy when it comes to style, not
necessarily translation. Certain translations "sound" and "feel"
different than others. The NLT seems to "feel" differently than
most other translations (paraphrases excepted). I wonder if the NLT
is faithful to the "feel" of the texts which it translates.

        Certainly I am also interested in the accuracy of the NLT
translation as well. Good thoughts have been given so far,
and others are also very welcome.

Glenn L. Weaver (

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