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Date: Sat Mar 29 1997 - 14:38:20 EST

Glenn L. Weaver wrote:
> Thank you to all those who are responding to my post about the NLT.
> I am learning from the discussions. While I don't want to discourage
> continuation along its current thought, I believe my original
> question has been misunderstood.
> I am curious as to the NLT's accuracy when it comes to style, not
> necessarily translation. Certain translations "sound" and "feel"
> different than others. The NLT seems to "feel" differently than
> most other translations (paraphrases excepted). I wonder if the NLT
> is faithful to the "feel" of the texts which it translates.
> Certainly I am also interested in the accuracy of the NLT
> translation as well. Good thoughts have been given so far,
> and others are also very welcome.
> Glenn L. Weaver (
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Surprisingly enough, I am trying to determine the same thing. I have a
copy of "The Living Bible." I know that this work is a paraphrase, and
as such it can not be classed as a translation.
I think that the work entitled "The Book," which came out a few years
ago was also the "The Living Bible."
I have read much on the subject, and "The Living Bible" was authored by
Ken Taylor. He was not translating the Bible per se, but rather
attempting to make it more understandable for a greater audience. (He
was reported as working on the volumn while riding back and forth on the
train, from work.)
Now, here it is: where do the Living Bible, and The New Living Bible
meet. If (and it is a big 'if') the original was a paraphrase then why
is the companion volumn a translation.
I have mulled this over, and arrived at several conclusions:
1. The Living Bible and The New Living Bible are not sequential.
2. The original Living Bible was "new and improved" and has therefore
been reincarnated as a translation.
3. I have no idea, but I have very truly, and sincerely, enjoyed each
and every comment posted on this subject.
Thank you everyone, and have a wonderful Easter.
Rev. Michael Miller

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