Isaiah 9:1 (LXX)

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Date: Sun Mar 30 1997 - 00:40:36 EST

Dear friends at B-Greek,

        I have a question translating Isaiah 9:1-2. The translations of
these two verses I came up with is:

        The people who are walking in darkness, Look! a great light! Those
dwelling in the region (xwra) and in the shadow of death, a light will shine
up them. Most (to pleiston) of the people, who were lead (kathgages) into
your happiness, they will be made glad before you as being made glad with
milk (amhtw?), (kai on tropon) taking up weapons (skula).

        My first question is how would anyone translate ("kai on tropon" in
this sentence?

        Is the word 'amhtw' in this sentence mean 'with milk'? I could not
find anything better in LSJ.

        Finally is 'kathgages' a 2nd, aorist participle from katagw? It
seems so. any replies will be appreciated.

Peace and Love,
Timothy T. Dickens
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