I Peter 2:6-7

From: JMCGRANAHAN@trevecca.edu
Date: Tue Apr 01 1997 - 17:40:03 EST

Hello, B-Greekers -

I am in need of your advice once again. I
am continuing my endeavor of trying to trans-
late I Peter 2. Here are the next two verses
that I have done (roughly).

verse 6
Because it is contained in the sacred writings,
        Look! I place a stone in Zion,
                a precious chosen cornerstone
        and the faith (that) rests upon him shall never be put to shame.

verse 7
Therefore to you the honored ones we believe, but (to the) unbelievers
        a stone that the builders rejected
                this has come to be the main corner(stone)

What is in parentheses is what I think needs to be added to
make sense of some of the Greek combination of words. Please
let me know what you think--I'm all ears (and eyes on the
computer) and am willing to learn. Thanks!!

Jamen McGranahan

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