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Date: Fri Apr 04 1997 - 02:43:36 EST wrote:
> Hello, B-Greekers -
> I am in need of your advice once again. I
> am continuing my endeavor of trying to trans-
> late I Peter 2. Here are the next two verses
> that I have done (roughly).
> verse 6
> Because it is contained in the sacred writings,

Jamen, why not use the word "scripture"?

> Look! I place a stone in Zion,
> a precious chosen cornerstone

I do not like the way you have separated "stone" from the three adj.
that follow. I would prefer to say "I place in Zion a stone, a select,
precious cornerstone ..."

> and the faith (that) rests upon him shall never be put to shame.

hO PISTEUWN is a substantive participle, and should be translated "The
one believing ..." Also, the combination OU MH is usually a solemn
assertion: "by no means." Thus, "The one believing on him shall by no
means be put to shame."
> verse 7
> Therefore to you the honored ones we believe,

You should check the parsing of your words before you submit your
posts. PISTEUOUSIN is not "we believe," but is a participle, in concord
with HUMIN. It is either a dative of advantage or possession. "To you
who believe." I would translate:
"Therefore, the honor is yours, you who believe, but to the unbelievers,

but (to the) unbelievers
> a stone that the builders rejected
> this has come to be the main corner(stone)

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