I Peter 2:8-10

From: JMCGRANAHAN@trevecca.edu
Date: Tue Apr 01 1997 - 18:55:18 EST

Everyone -

Please bear with me again. I just have these
last three verses to translate, so I figured I
would ahead and take a stab at it and send it
to you, the "learned and scholarly." I would
greatly appreciate any assistance that you could
give. Thanks!
I Peter 2:8-10

verse 8
        a stone of stumbling
                and a rock that causes stumbling;
so that they stumble by the word to that which they were appointed.

verse 9
But you (are) a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people
in possession, in order that you should proclaim the goodness of the goals
you yourselves called into his wonderful light;

verse 10
That which once (was) not a people
        but now (is) the people of God,
which (was) not shown mercy
        but now receives mercy.

One BIGGGG problem I had was with verse 9. I was alright half way through the
verse, but after all those clauses, I came to a point where there seemed to be
the conclusion of the sentence ("in order that . . . ") and the beginning of a
new sentence ("you yourselves called. . .), but the punctuation did not support
that, so how do you "mesh" those those phrases together to sound half way

Please help this learner learn!!

Jamen McGranahan

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