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Date: Sun Apr 06 1997 - 14:53:40 EDT

Rod has already mentioned the list of possible quotations from
Greco-Roman literature in the NA 27. Here is a brief list of works which
mention Greco-Roman parallels to the New Testament whether in vocabulary,
grammatical construction, subject matter, etc.:

G. Mussies. Dio Chysostom and the New Testament (Studia ad Corpus
Hellensisticum Novi Testamenti 2; Leiden: Brill, 1972).

P. W. vand der Horst. Aelius Aristides and the New Testament. (Studia ad
Corpus Hellensisticum Novi Testamenti 6; Leiden: Brill, 1980).

Hans Dieter Betz. Lukian und das Neue Testament. (195?; I don't have the
exact reference right at hand).

________. Plutarch's Theological Writings and Early Christian Literature.
 (Studia ad Corpus Hellensisticum Novi Testamenti 4; Leiden: Brill,

Frederick W. Danker. II Corinthians. (Augsburg Commentary on the New
Testament; Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1989).

Hans Conzelmann. Acts of the Apostles. (Hermeneia: A Critical and
Historical Commentary on the Bible; Philadelphia: Fortress, 1987).

Also, try the older International Critical Commentaries by various
British scholars.
This is only a beginning which barely scratches the surface.
Hope someone finds this useful.

Lynn Kauppi
Ph.D. cand.
New Testament
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

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