Re: Non-standard Greek fonts in Java applets

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Sun Apr 06 1997 - 10:40:16 EDT

Jonathan Robie wrote:
>Nichael Lynn Cramer wrote:
>>A somewhat different approach would be to make your own "font" out of
>>images (i.e. one image per character). And then bitblt them onto the
>>screen. [...]
>>But this would at least have the advantage of making _no_ assumptions about
>>the fonts resident on the client machine.
>This is exactly what I want to sounds like a *lot* of work,

Actually, it's not all that hairy. It'll never be as simple as a single
call to drawString() of course. But basically all you have to do make a
loop with drawImage that increments the draw-position.

> ... and I
>doubt that I would get a font that looks as nice as some of the ones I can
>get for free [...]

This is quite true. OTOH, the trade-off here is that most standard Greek
fonts don't handle accents and other diacritical marks very well (if at
all). Drawing the characters and adding the diacriticals "by hand" could
give a lot more flexibility (not mention accuracy).

> ... Of
>course, if I could run a font server on the web server, that would take care
>of the problem, but I don't think my provider would like that.


>Incidentally, I don't download lots of data at any one time, I pass the data
>as parameters to the applet:

Right, but you still take a hit at code-load time, don't you?

>I have everything working but the fonts...

In any case, good luck. Let us[*] know when you come up with the right

   [* Or at least me. Maybe we should start a B-GEEK mailing list. ;-) ]

Nichael "Did I forget, forget to mention Memphis, Home of Elvis and the ancient Greeks..."

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