Re: Non-standard Greek fonts in Java applets

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sun Apr 06 1997 - 07:02:43 EDT

At 01:40 AM 4/6/97 -0500, Nichael Lynn Cramer wrote:

>A somewhat different approach would be to make your own "font" out of
>images (i.e. one image per character). And then bitblt them onto the
>screen. You'd take a fit at the initial load time (althought it might not
>be that when compared with the data thatyou'd already have to download.
>But this would at least have the advantage of making _no_ assumptions about
>the fonts resident on the client machine.

This is exactly what I want to sounds like a *lot* of work, and I
doubt that I would get a font that looks as nice as some of the ones I can
get for free - it seems reasonable to ask users to download a font. Of
course, if I could run a font server on the web server, that would take care
of the problem, but I don't think my provider would like that.

Incidentally, I don't download lots of data at any one time, I pass the data
as parameters to the applet:

<APPLET CODE="flashcard.class" HEIGHT=250 WIDTH=350 >
        <PARAM name="repeats" value="3" >
        <PARAM name="front font" value ="Symbol" >
        <PARAM name="back font" value ="Arial" >
        <PARAM name="front" value="blepw | blepeis | blepei | blepomen
| blepete | blepousin |">
        <PARAM name="back" value="I see | you (sing) see | he/she sees | we see
| you (pl) see | they see |">

I have everything working but the fonts...


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