Re: Participle=Imperative?

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Date: Mon Apr 07 1997 - 21:27:17 EDT wrote:

> In I Peter 2:4, there is the participle
> PROSERCHOMENOI (literally meaning "coming").
> Can this participle be used as an imperative--
> "Come"? It would make the translation a
> little smoother, but I want to be as accurate
> as I possibly can. Thanks for any input.

You can find a fair amount of discussion of exactly this point by going to
the full text search engine for the archives. I had good results using the
search key "PROSERC*".

Personally, I liked what Chapel Roe had to say in one of those threads:

        I would read PROSERCHOMENOI as an adverbial
        participle expressing time and modifying the
        verb OIKODOMEISQE. The translation would then be
        parallel--"While coming to him, (who is) a living also as living stones are being built up."

Hope this helps!


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