Romans 7:24

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Mon Apr 07 1997 - 00:18:50 EDT

Romans 7:24 My lack of acquaintance with classical Greek literature is
hurting me here, but is Paul's TALAIPWROS EGW ANQRWPOS just ordinary
or colloquial or literary - or is it truly grammatically striking? (I
checked BAGD and LSJ on the Internet/Perseus, as well as several
translations, but found my question unanswered.) The first-positioning
of TALAIPWROS combined with using just the personal pronoun (EGW)
instead of - or instead of in combination with - the implied stative
verb (EIMI) made this cry of his seem really anguished to me. My
thought: "It isn't that he simply IS a wretched man; rather, his
identity with such is so great as to warrant omitting the equative verb
so that to say "wretched man" is the same as to say "I."

Or did I speak over-zealously when I shared in church this morning that
I didn't find English translations had done justice to the intensity of
Paul's exclamation?

Thanks for any comments.

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