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Date: Mon Apr 07 1997 - 23:33:41 EDT

On Mon, 07 Apr 1997 19:28:06 -0400 Jonathan Robie
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>Mark O'Brien wrote:
>> However, in some of the more contemporary theories being proposed
>> verbal aspect, some appear to be taking these special cases to build
>> general theory of the aorist as a non-past referring tense [as well
>as a
>> generally non-temporal view of all the tenses]
>By "some of the more contemporary theories", I think you mean Porter.
>don't lump all contemporary theories of verbal aspect into the same
>- after all, Fanning, whom you quote, has also published a
>contemporary book
>on verbal aspect, and I think that both Fanning and Mari Olsen are
>much more
>in the mainstream of contemporary linguistics than Fanning is. (I'm
>enough of a linguist to make that judgement, but my friend the
>linguist says
>so, at any rate.)

I certainly don't mean to be seen as "bouncing" anyone by my comments.
Actually, my reading of Fanning suggests to me that he has not so much
proposed anything new, but has rather done a good job of clarifying
terminology and making definitional distinctions that were not clear in
many of the older grammars. In most respects, I think he has pretty much
done an excellent job of carefully stating what is the traditional view
of verbal aspect in the Greek verbal system.

When I used the term "contemporary theories", I guess I meant just
that... new theories that make some proposals that are substantially
different to the traditional view of verbal aspect (in the indicative
mood particularly). I do have some names in mind, and I'm well aware
that they are not all proposing the same thing, and some of them don't
even approach the problem from the same point of view, but they are all
the same in the sense that they are declaring the traditional view as
being defunct or inadequate. That's all I meant by lumping them together
under this label... nothing disparaging. (After all, I've been trying
to be so much more irenic lately... ;-))



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