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Date: Tue Apr 08 1997 - 06:38:56 EDT

At 10:05 PM 4/7/97 -0400, Don Wilkins wrote:
>At 3:00 PM 4/7/97, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>>I guess this means that I can't rely on A. T. Robertson to present what you
>>call "established descriptive grammar". Maybe you feel the same way about
>>Smyth. Which grammars do you feel best present established descriptive
>I think Smyth is the best grammar available on Greek, period. And I
>actually have similar feelings for ATR in NT Greek, but I don't think we
>have anything in the NT area which equals Smyth, pound-for-pound. My
>criticism of ATR's methodology sounds severe, no doubt, but in general I
>think ATR is the best source for serious study of NT grammar, provided one
>reads him cautiously and treats the work as an equivalent to a
>I would generally recommend that you consult Smyth as your main source, and
>go to books specializing in differences between Attic and koine (e.g.
>Moule) for supplementary information.

I'm really glad to hear you say that, Don! I really *do* find Smyth much
easier to understand and much more useful for explaining the kinds of
questions I run into than any other grammar I have, and I also have *lots*
of respect for ATR.

>>>Moreover, with the recent publication of PHI's CD
>>>7 we have a wealth of sources for inscriptions and papyri at our
>>>fingertips, so that further research is not only justified but also
>>>practicable (incidentally, I am almost finished with the next version of my
>>>computer program, and one of the things it will do is search the new CD's;
>>>you can also do this with Pandora, etc.).
>>Hey, almost finished? Great! What all will the program do?
>For now, the program will allow you to browse the texts in regular
>word-processor style (normal-speed scrolling and window size), do
>relatively high-speed searchs of words and verbatim phrases, and look up
>Greek word meanings by linking to Perseus through another free-ware
>program. I have many other features on my list which will be added on
>gradually. Right now it's Mac-only, and I am considering a port to PC's
>when (and if) time permits. Thanks for asking.

This sounds *really* useful.


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