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Date: Wed Apr 09 1997 - 21:45:46 EDT

At 5:49 PM -0500 4/9/97, Ronald Ross wrote:
>Begging the indulgence of those who feel the discussions have become
>"too linguistic", I would like to ask a linguistic type question, which
>I doubt will produce any lengthy discussions. I am still working on my
>paper on relative topicality of agent and patient as a determinant of
>voice, and I have come across what seems to be a agentive passive of a
>kind I was unaware of and have only found reference to in Goodwin's
>grammar of Classical Greek. It is in Acts 27.11. There are two
>coordinated agents --the centurion and the owner of the ship-- but there
>is no preposition and the two agents are in the dative case. However,
>Goodwin says that dative agents are normal only with the perfect and
>pluperfect passive and this passive is imperfective. How common is this
>in biblical Greek?

I would say that you don't have an agent construction here at all: EPEIQETO
is not passive but middle: not "was persuaded by" but rather "gave heed to"
or "put faith in" or "trust." PEIQOMAI quite regular is used with a dative
of the person in the sense of "heed" or "obey," and I think that's all we
have in this instance. Offhand, I'm not aware of a dative of agent in the
NT used with other than a perfect or pluperfect passive--and those are
themselves relatively rare compared to imperfects and aorists. So this does
not really appear to be exceptional.

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