aspect and aorists

From: Andrew Kulikovsky (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 22:20:36 EDT

Fellow Greeks,

Why are so many people trying to define the undefinable?

Isn't that what "aorist means"?.....undefined?

I have always considered that the aorist is used whenever a writer wants
to refer to a complete or entire event (as opposed to a *completed*
event) but doesn't intend to say anything more than that.

You can identify an aorist easily by looking at the morphology, but the
*Semantics* of that aorist can only be determined by examining the
context. It is only the context that provides the time and aspectual

SO, all you aspect geeks (as Jonathan calls you), look at the words
ELEHSON, GENOMENOS and LALHSAS and tell us what kind of aorists they

You can't...

I tend to think that talking about time and aspect without reference to
actual NT passages is all pretty pointless...

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