Romans 9:4 hoitines...hwn

From: Lemuel G. Abarte (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 23:05:03 EDT


Is there a significance in Paul's use of the two words here?

I take hoitines as Paul's view of the Jewish people as an outsider - a
Gentile. hwn views the Jewish people from the inside - a Jew.

The connotation is:

1. hoitines: Paul does identify the Jewish race as a distinct category of
people even at the time the Church has been in many parts of SPQR.
Theology: the promises of God to the Jewish people remain. These were not
set aside and transferred to the Church nor God fulfilled the promises for
the Jews in the Church. The distinction remains. The author would regard
this as consistent confirmation of a premillenial, dispensational view.
2. hwn: Paul looks at the qualification of the Jew who is a valid
recipient of the promises and privileges of God. Only the born again Jew
is qualified. "All Israel are not Israel."

Any feedback for exegesis is most welcome. Thank you, guys.
Keep up the good work.

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