Re: Aspect/Description

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Apr 11 1997 - 17:47:56 EDT

Very nice post; in particular this was a most illuminating discussion of
the present tense. I would assume you have probably seen Sihler's _New
Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin_--it's the current re-write of Carl
Darling Buck's work of 75 years ago. He has a somewhat similar but even
more expansive discussion of the problem of the English present tense at
the beginning of his account of the PIE verbal system and the way it was
mangled in the development of the Greek and Latin verbal systems.

One little item; in your very interesting discussion of OU MH KRIQHTE it
was not clear to me whether or not you were trying to call it an imperative
of any sort. I didn't really think so, but the way it fell into the present
and aorist imperative discussions made it seem a bit vague to me.

Let me thank you also for your earlier input into the aspect discussion.
I've found it all very interesting indeed.

Regards, c

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